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Shipps In The Community

As a local business, we recognise the strong community heartbeat. Shipps Building Services actively participates in local projects and sponsorship programmes to give something back to our local society and help it thrive.

Lady Decorating Services

Always innovating and offering the ultimate customer experience. We understand that all clients have different needs. Enquire about our lady decorator services! 

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Shipps Building Services Lady Decorator

No. 46 - Nat's Place

Based at Number 46 Station Road, Nat's place is another part of the Shipps project. Our Sandwich shop serves up a delicious menu, stacked full of treats, eats, and style coffees! 

Homemade, fresh and to order. Come and indulge with us! Check us out on the Facebook page below.

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Nat's Place Sandwich Shop - West Drayton

Football In The Community

Growing up in a family steeped full of Football heritage, Shipps have continued the legacy with our active role in youth Football development. 

Our business supports, sponsors and manages Explorers FC in our West Drayton home town.

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